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I watched the chair of the NHS Confederation on BBC breakfast this morning. All he did was blame excessive compensation and legal fees.

Not once did he address the issue of more mistakes being made in the NHS. He also cited Claimants withdrawing cases at the Court doors leaving the costs to be paid and only the lawyers win. I was flabbergasted by this as NHS Resolution settle more times just as a trial is about to start then I care to think about.

He also suggested a cap on damages. To me this is disgraceful. Nothing wrong with the current system of assessing damages. He did not go into any great detail but I assume he would argue there should be a damages cap on the most serious of claims as well. False economy as severely disabled Claimants will not be able to fund the care they need so will have to rely on the welfare system/NHS.

Its a shame the BBC presenters did not ask him some probing questions or even balance it out by having a Claimant clin neg lawyer on there.

I'm a defendant lawyer as well!!

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