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Who could trust Lord O' Shaughnessy caught out recently quoting from a now disgraced and withdrawn government report on contaminated blood ... and on that note. Government have a fear of having to pay out for contaminated blood, "the worst medical treatment disaster in the history of the NHS where government put profit before safety and bought in blood from tortured US prisoners. Cases were in High Court yesterday. Lord Archer of Sandwell previously gave government reasonable recommendations for compensation which would not have broken the bank but govt refused to accept their responsibilities DESPITE a haemophiliac winning a Judicial Review in 2010 where govt "flawed thinking" was highlighted. Yet again they refused to pay compensation! Now they are desperate to bring in legislation before they are made to pay in court. Shame on the government, the damage to families has been enormous, sometimes infecting 3 haemophiliacs in one family with HIV and hepatitis C and their partners. The longer the cover-up goes on the more govt will have to pay. They needn't bother using emotional blackmail with NHS, they shouldn't have broken all the safety rules in the first place and taken so many lives!

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