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What disturbs me is in the recent cases that have made the press the defendants have been telling the police that there are messages/emails/social media postings that are relevant, and the police response had been: "No. There is nothing of relevance", which implies that a check has been made - when apparently (leaving side the possibility of evidence being deliberately withheld) this had not happened.
In any event checking electronic media should start with a simple key world search. The defendant is called Fred - check for postings about Fred. The alleged offence happened in August 2017 - Check postings at that period of time, etc. It is not an impossible task. To be told that the task is overwhelming because there are 57000 items on a phone is not to give a true picture of the issue.
I have the overwhelming feeling that we are not being given anything like the whole story, and that backs are being covered. I could be wrong, but that is what it feels like.

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