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I'll admit right out that i work for an Insurer (boooo) in a legal role.

That out of the way....i can't see any way to justify Havens actions here. This isn't anything like the common practice of trying to get claimants to take the insurers services before they are represented, which is kind of fine if you leave aside the cold-calling bit (which i don't like, and it shouldn't happen IMO).

Its not even going ahead and offering the services knowing they are represented, which is also done at some insurers that i know of and is....questionable, at best.

This is actually waiting until solicitors put in a valid CNF, then using the details the solicitor provided for their own client to contact the claimant and cut the solicitors out. There shouldn't be even the slightest shred of justification or support for that, and i'm not aware of any other companies that do it (not saying that there aren't any, just i'm not aware of them and thankfully don't work for one that does).

Haven have to lose or EVERY company will start doing it, and despite working for one that's just not OK.

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