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Let's cut to the chase. The MOJ Portal was introduced by the insurers via a consultative process which I must add weighs heavily in their favour. This is a portal that is shared between Solicitors and insurers/ their representatives. Apart from a few exceptions to the rule, claims of up to £25,000 are presented in accordance with adhered protocols to insurers via this portal. But for the CNF, the insurer would not have details of the claim or the claimants. The insurance industry pursued this regime relentlessly with the advent of fixed costs. Now it appears that to some insurers, this is not enough and they want to circumvent paying solicitors costs by contacting the claimants directly. This is not acceptable. Insurers must adhere to the protocols and administer the claims in accordance with the rules or face severe penalty. I would throw the book at Haven especially if it is proven that they had an active policy of subverting the protocol.

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