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This is not a crime of dishonesty. It was committed due to mental illness. He will not be able to practice unless he is released from jail, his licence conditions allow it, and he is un-suspended. Just imagine how many hoops that would involve.

The statistical likelihood of someone who is dishonest with money re-offending is far higher than of someone like this, once they have been properly assessed by prison psychologists and the Parole Board, and the likelihood of them committing violence against a client or in a courtroom (the circumstances where their profession is relevant) is even lower.

By the way, Sally Clark, who was convicted of killing one of her young children was only suspended by the Law Society. She never practiced again because she became a mental wreck as a result of being jailed and subjected daily to torments from her fellow prisoners. She was of course released from jail because her conviction was quashed because the prosecution had relied on a dodgy pathologist.

Please think and write like lawyers and not tabloid hacks people!

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