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When I joined the profession in the late eighties young females were subject to lecherous old solicitors thinking they were fair game. The office Christmas party at my first firm was a nightmare for the secretarial staff. At my last firm the mill owner took to groping me in front of staff. I later found out I was one of a number of young female lawyers to be groped in this way. Then none of us did anything about it. Of course we didn’t have emails in those days so it was harder to prove your case. So if this offensive stuff is going on yes, collect your evidence. Because if you don’t it might be someone not as tough as you who is the next victim. On another note, growing up in the North in the seventies banter was extremely funny. Now I feel that banter is watered down in case anyone and everyone is offended. A dichotomy of views I appreciate but my observations of where we are at.

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