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Jimmy Corrigan -

Sure, but an independent medical expert can be told to report on those needs as standard in these cases. They could also make the call that the case wasn't suitable for the new scheme if it looked like it was a particularly severe injury etc. They are perfectly placed to do this.

If we are to have this new system, it is important that the experts used are able to assist the claimant with these things.

Access to Justice etc.

Surely we can come up with a system that is as fair as possible. No system is perfect. The current one certainly isn't or we'd not be having all these discussions?

Sure, compensation will be lowered for GDs etc, and expectations will have to be adjusted.

It's all very well certain PI firms crying foul now, after years of milking the system and shoving through questionable medical reports and schedules. Who is to blame exactly?

The real issue is the loss of income to the law firms involved. I have some sympathy, but am equally annoyed at them for being a very large part of the problem in the first place.

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