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Clearly a "industry" has sprung up but isn't that market forces just reacting to the changes in rules / CFA's / CMC's etc. Whether you think that right or wrong, we live in a free market economy and until such time as there is a change of mind-set then you cannot expect people not to take advantage of that when money is involved. Forget higher calling , justice and morals, this issue is all about money.

However what concerns me is that these changes haven't been properly thought through. Yes there will be reduced claims, job losses etc but at what cost. The £35 per policyholder (if passed on) will be insignificant when considered to lost VAT. lost IPT, lost income tax (from both sides), a big hole in the courts finances and indeed compensation generally gets spent so loss into the economy as a whole. Even the DWP and the NHS will be £m out of pocket. Do we believe that less will go to A&E and benefits will stop/reduce as a result? MedCo and the portal need paying for but will become unviable if numbers drop as expected.

So whilst I side with both (being ex C and currently D) on various points as it is planned, the losses will be recouped from the general population which I would hazard a guess will be about the same in value per head as is being saved from premiums.

Change is needed without a doubt but at what cost.

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