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The most telling aspect of this article are the comments.
The main problem that this industry has is a lack of openness - why is it that only a third of contributors put their name on there?
Those "anonymous" posters are the more vitriolic - disappointingly unsurprising. If you want to expose the corruption in the market, and yes, there is definitely activity that falls foul of the Bribery Act 2010 then it's time to stand up and be counted.
And please, please stop trying to blame "factory-style" firms. We have first hand evidence of so-called reputable (CQS - whatever THAT means, because it's more usually arrogance than quality with many) small firms engaging in this activity.
Stones and Glasshouses spring to mind.
Law Society - please do not allow anonymous posting on these forums - we pay you a lot of money for our practicing certificates and wouldn't mind a bit of transparency starting with your magazine.
Peter Ambrose, Managing Director, The Partnership - a conveyancing specialist company.

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