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A civilised country would not cut staff numbers. It would discourage those currently quitting by offering better terms, not just monetary but re social life taking into account family, leisure etc.

A civilised country would not cut mental health support, again pertaining to less staff and more potentially sadly falling through the net. They say prevention is better than cure, but of course this is plain old common sense?

Your so called 'austerity' plan was wrong from day one, in fact it has probably cost more to put right? Not only in financial terms but to society itself. A false economy many would say.

Many foresaw the problems too but were effectively ignored, disregarded and where are we now exactly?

Stop blaming others for your failures, there are better ways, frankly put we all deserve much, much better.

For the good people on the frontline who've had enough simply ask them why? Forget the speeches, slogans, platitudes and empty sound bites for they are not worth a jot.......nothing.

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