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Stop listening to the civil servants and Consultants at MoJ and get out more.
The reason that courts are so under-used is because that is the way it has been organised. The number of sittings have been reduced because cuts to CPS and Police mean that is all they can cope with.
If you resourced the CPS and Police properly you could process more cases more quickly and avoid the ridiculous delays one experiences in Crown Court cases.
Suggesting that Courts can be closed because they are under-used is misleading and easily rectified through the deployment of greater resources.
Quite how digitisation and video links will fill the gap created by the massacre of the court estate is unclear. Do you imagine defendants appearing via a video link from their own phone so that they can avoid the journey or perhaps the video booths will be placed in the street like Telephone Boxes of old except they’d have to be blacked out and sound-proofed to maintain confidentiality.
What you are doing does not make sense.
But you dont care as you wont be SSJ/LC for very long.

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