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Reply to anonymous @ 11:13 GMT

I couldn't agree more, but more of it is the fact people simply want reduced premiums at all costs, until they actually make a claim.
1) I have comprehensive insurance which means I have a right to go to court and defend my claim
2) I have protected NCD so I don't pay my excess
3) I don't pay my excess on a split liability claim
4) I only pay the addition policy excess if I feel like it even though this option was chose by me to reduce my premiums
5) I can claim against my insurers for injury even if I am at fault
6) I demand a like for like car even though my policy CLEARLY states the only car a CC IF available
7) If I don't claim against my policy but the third party it doesn't show as a fault claim as I DIDNT CLAIM
8) If I don't accept liability at the scene I cant be held at fault
9) Police will have a full accident report form available even if they didn't attend
10) You cant accept liability on my behalf
11) I cant be held liable if they are in my blind spot

I really could go on but when you deal with customers who are professionals and they simply claim to have no idea how the basics of insurance works its crazy and the same goes for people who comment on this site about premiums.

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