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Why would the Government hold public liability insurance? If you won a claim against them, do you think the Government would be short of money to pay?

BTW all local authorities do actually hold such insurance, and I'd expect agencies and quangos do to.

Finally you are actually referring to professional indemnity insurance. Which is an indemnity in favour of the professional for liability they may have for their own mistakes.

Why on earth do you care less whether or not the OPPONENT to your case - the CSA - have professional indemnity insurance or not? That's for the CSA to worry about.

What we are talking about here, is when YOU or somebody else unqualifies represents somebody at the court hearing by the CSA. When your "client" ends up getting sent to prison for non-payment, because you mumble on about public liability insurance and parental responsibility, and Magna Carta, and equality of arms, and lose the case, what then? What compensation can YOU offer to your "client"?

The answer, is of course, none. You can rant about biased and corrupt Governments, and you can set up a website "CSA Case Presenters are All Evil and". And that's it.

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