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I don't understand the pilot analogy because I'd always rather be flown by a commercial pilot than someone who has just passed their PPL, but if I only had enough for the PPL pilot that's what I'd have to go with.

The point here is that a PPL pilot has done flight training and passed their exams. They have an idea what they are doing and they have the certificate to indicate their basic level of competence.

You'd be very hard pressed to find a solicitor to take on work outside of their area. Indeed I cannot imagine you would get any solicitor to take on work not covered by their insurance.

I'm not against unqualified legal assistance provided they are held to the same standard to a solicitor who normally acts in that sector. But that way lies repsonsibility and insurance, and I would love to know how much the premium for that will cost.

Mind you, as a McKenzie Friend, I could have a contractual term limiting teh value of any claim to £5 or something. I can't do that as a solicitor.

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