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Let's do an experiment.

The MoJ refuse to pay this 'expert' any of the no doubt millions they promised him and / or his companies / organisations for the snake oil he is selling.

When he asks for his cash, they should simply refuse. And (wrongly) call him a liar and (wrongly) say his claims are fraudulent and (falsely) that he has manipulated and fabricated publicly available documents and the media record.

When it comes to him taking the MoJ to court to get his money and reputation back, he is given a choice:-
He can go to Schillings, Slaughter and May, etc and start a claim in the High Court, with cross examination of witnesses in person and allow an experienced senior High Court Judge to assess the witnesses.

Or he can use the SnapChat Online court, and allow a 'triage stage case handler' - backup up by Artificial Intelligence - to decide what the issues in the case are, and the judge can decide by reading emails which party is lying and make a decision.

I wonder which option HE would choose? Hmmmmm.....

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