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"The legal system in family law is no more than human disagreement – there are no legal questions"

Whilst Family Law can be considered as much an art as a science an understanding of the law is fundamental; the best family law firms will be able to provide advice on the applicable law as well as suggest real world solutions. Whilst some people do unfortunately spend considerable sums litigating at the breakdown of a relationship, without context of the complexities of the case and the wealth of the individuals/assets in dispute the figures provided in the article are designed to shock, they also do not address the significant savings that can be made by receiving appropriate advice from a qualified lawyer at the outset of a case.

It is,rightly, the aim of most people seeking advice to understand the criteria on which their case will be assessed and Clients should be encouraged to look at what ‘winning’ their case looks like, for example cases involving children are rarely resolved completely even after a final hearing so ‘winning’ a case could be finding a way to discuss care arrangements rather than focusing on litigating. Every case is different and Clients should be encouraged to understand their goals and to seek advice as to what is achievable.

On the issue of transparency of fees, yes a qualified Solicitor or Legal Executive will cost more per hour than an unqualified Mackenzie Friend however, whether this is value for money is something for the individual to decide. We would always advise potential Clients to speak to their lawyers about fees, particularly where there is a finite budget so that both the Client and the lawyer are aware of expectations and resources and can manage both appropriately.

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