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Yet another nail in the coffin of marriage being a commitment, whether legal, moral or religious. The fact that a person can simply divorce another without their consent (nor any grounds) at short notice is totally at odds with the notion that people should honour their commitments. A marriage is a contract. Surely they could just removed the two year separation requirement for divorce with the consent of both parties? Nobody should be divorced against their will for no good reason and the current law says that 5 years separation is one good reason (along with the other grounds). Why are people in such a hurry to get divorced anyway? Just so that they can leap into another failed marriage? The point is that a failed relationship is usually the fault of one or both parties and I don't see why society should shy away from looking into that. I utterly deplore the way that we are told (by the powers that be) that nothing is anybody's fault these days. We are all just helpless victims; what a way to run any society!

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