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There are two things that arise out of this:
Don’t whatever you do say anything Resolution haven’t approved because if you do you are wrong (they are, after all, the exclusive experts on family matters (unlike those who were children of a divorce eg Jacqueline Emmerson below).

The emphasis on getting the Decree Absolute is misplaced in cases involving children and maintenance. Before a Decree Nisi can be applied for (or maybe before Petition issued??) the applicant should show that contact arrangements have been agreed and maintenance has been agreed/is being sought. The party with the wealth should not be in a position to frustrate the process and orders should be made to ensure children and the party who lacks financial resources are maintained.

The focus, in short, needs to be on the children and financial equality and the State assuring contact with both parents.

Such a speedy system for contact and maintenance should also be made available to those couples who co-habited and never married.

Once the important issues are addressed then Decree Absolutes should be dispensed like ticker tape in a 1940’s Hollywood film about returning war heroes.

The only exception is where violence or controlling and coercive behaviour is alleged in which case divorce should be speedier even than the model suggested by Government.

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