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I see someone has picked up on my comment on the Establishment bully - the SRA. There are many types of Establishment bully. For example, in my own experience involving a High Court judge in 2011 in a libel case I took against the Norwegian government. I read out to her in Court 14, half a dozen emails I had received from Norway with comments such as: 'Go f***k Allah the Camel' and 'When you eat pigs do you lick the pig's arsehole clean before digging in?' and 'I seriously doubt anything other than a pig would take your semen'. My purpose was to indicate Norwegian hatred for Muslims. The judge - Mrs Justice Sharp - said nothing in court or in her judgment. Hatred of Muslims in Norway was central to the case: their press had labelled me 'the Muslim man' for a decade. No Islamophobia there then! The Norwegian government's solicitors, Charles Russell, and Counsel 5RB, happily went along in silence on the hate and abuse. The Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling said nothing can be done - except appeal, yet again. But no one would help me. I was subjected to extreme, unspeakable, abuse by a Norwegian policewoman. No comment by the well financed Norwegians. Perversion won the day - unless one counts as divine punishment the fact that in the same week as judgment against me was handed down, my opponents - the Ministry of Justice and the Police, Norway had their entire building blown up by Muslim-hating mass killer Anders Breivik in Oslo. Their lawyer was off sick for 16 months. My sworn enemy, the tabloid newspaper VG also had their offices wrecked by Breivik's bomb. Breivik for years had been reading about me. The Establishment have ruined my life. Bullying and abuse on an industrial scale.

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