This engaging and readable book provides practical examples of how ethical issues can arise in the legal world.

Setting out a series of four short stories, the author shows how ethics are more than rules, regulations and compliance by way of procedures.

The stories prompt the reader to think about how they may have come across similar issues in their day-to-day roles and therefore focuses on the real-life practicalities of ethical issues encountered by those involved in the legal world.

Author: Francis Dingwall

£7.99, Legal Risk LLP

They also illustrate how the moral principles of a person can manage their behaviour and how this can have an impact on clients and firms.

Making a commitment to acting ethically is linked with meeting the requirements set out in the Code of Conduct, and this is an exceptional read for those considering the application of legal ethics to real life.

Pearl Moses is head of risk and compliance for the Law Society’s Risk and Compliance Advisory Service