Billed as ‘essential for every judge and practitioner in the Court of Protection’, this updated edition of the Court of Protection Practice does not disappoint. This is the second edition of a resource which was already well laid out and thorough in its range of topics.

The 2015 version meets the needs of a fast-developing area of law by updating the narrative in Part I and the procedural guides, case law and legislation in Parts II to X. The amendments made to the Court of Protection Rules 2007 earlier this year are included in a supplement and should not be overlooked.

Author: Gordon Ashton OBE

Publisher: Jordan Publishing (£180)

The narrative has an accessible style and provides excellent guidance on the practical application of the law and the court’s current approach to the numerous issues brought before it. The scope of the reference material provided is extensive and logically set out, which makes for a very workable research tool. It is well-referenced, enabling the reader to move from section to section with relative ease.

There is an accompanying CD which contains a good selection of Word and PDF documents with precedent orders, forms and court cost precedents. A list of the CD contents with links to the documents is included, but this is a little clunky compared to navigating round the book itself.

The forward by Sir James Munby intimates that there will be annual editions in the future, which I would most welcome. This tome has already integrated itself into this court practitioner’s daily life as the ‘blue book’, with the same authority as the white, green and red books of other legal disciplines.

Sian Thompson is a partner at Simpson Millar in Leeds