This is the only specialist volume covering the entire field of regulatory and disciplinary law, and practice, including financial services, health care, legal services, architects, accountants, pharmacists and the police. What’s more, it also looks at general issues common to regulatory processes: jurisdiction, powers and principles, the nature of professional misconduct, disciplinary bodies, investigation and prosecution procedures, and appeals.

There is a section on data protection and freedom of information too.

It is two years since the seventh edition of this publication appeared, under the authorship of Brian Harris QC and Andrew Carnes. This new, eighth edition has been substantially rewritten under the editorship of Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, Alison Foster QC and Saima Hanif (24 chapters have been reduced to 17). They have recruited no fewer than 19 other members of their chambers at 39 Essex Chambers to assist them.

Authors: Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, Alison Foster QC, Saima Hanif

£125, Jordan Publishing

The result is a complete change in direction manifested in a wealth of scholarship and, perhaps more important, the benefits of extensive practical experience. It would not, I think, be unfair to say that its predecessor was not particularly highly regarded by lawyers as a practical aid. By contrast, the present version is designed with the practitioner in mind. There is also a large number of authorities which did not feature in previous editions.

The authors were clearly determined to produce a practical and user-friendly publication intended to be a genuinely valuable resource. In my view, they have succeeded.

Andrew Hopper QC is a specialist regulatory lawyer, joint general editor of Cordery on Legal Services and co-author of the Solicitor’s Handbook