Reviewed by: Justin Glenister
Author: Expert Witness Institute
Publisher: Professional Solutions
Price: 6 CPD hours

For the benefit of both lawyer and medical expert, this online training is a useful tool to highlight the significant differences between reporting a medical opinion as an expert witness, and an expert’s work in clinical practice.

Applying legal tests to the assessment of someone’s medical condition and needs is not part of a medical expert’s training and approach to their clinical work. Inadequate briefing in these matters (or a failure) does not allow experts to understand the legal position in terms of legal tests and compliance with the CPR, increases the risk of an expert witness getting it wrong or of costs escalating, and might even affect the outcome of the claim.

This comprehensive training takes the expert through the process of personal injury litigation step by step and clearly explains both the CPR requirements and the reasons behind them. Setting out the legal process for the expert should sufficiently equip them with the understanding they need to prepare thorough, relevant and compliant reports. It provides a clear basis for an expert, meaning the instructing lawyer can simply give some key reminders as an aide-memoire in the letter of instruction.

The use of this tool by medical experts should serve to reduce the amount of time lawyers spend advising on matters of report compliance, thus reducing the costs associated with medico-legal reporting.

Justin Glenister is an associate at Colemans-ctts Solicitors