Author: Martin Edwards

Publisher: Allison & Busby

Their faces beaten to a pulp, three murder victims, all attractive young women, were each discovered with a cloth shielding their mangled features. Three murders, all committed on Halloween, the first almost a century ago; the second five years ago; and the third this year. The prime suspects for the first two killings conveniently died before their cases could come to court. But who committed the third murder and why are the three, all committed in a remote spot in the English Lake District, so bizarrely similar?

The Frozen Shroud, the latest novel from national firm Weightmans partner Martin Edwards, leads the reader through the twists and turns of two investigations – one by the police, the other by a local historian – that finally solve the mystery. It’s an absorbing read that evokes the atmosphere of the Lake District, while giving a vivid account of police procedures and the equally meticulous sifting of evidence by a historian.

Jonathan Rayner is staff writer at the Law Society Gazette