Data Protection Toolkit (2nd edition)

Alison Matthews

£65, Law Society


Being in charge of data protection is no small task and can be very daunting. So, in the minefield that is data protection and GDPR, this toolkit is very much needed. Written in an easy-to-follow style, the writer has provided carefully crafted, readily accessible policies and procedures (which are provided on a CD too). These make complicated data protection concepts understandable. 


The book begins with a thorough but concise run-through of the data protection regulatory regime. It then considers a GDPR project plan to get you started. From here the reader can ascertain what steps they need to take, with regard to their business’s intake of data, the ultimate destruction of that data and everything in between. 

The book not only provides policies and procedures for firms, but also gives guidance on the nightmarish areas of compliance when marketing, data subject access requests, complaints-handling and responding to a request from the police (which unfortunately does happen). 

If you are a newcomer to data protection compliance, this book is your go-to guide. 


Rebecca Atkinson is director of risk and compliance at Howard Kennedy LLP, London