Regulation and In-House Lawyers: A Compliance Guide (2nd edition)

Regulation and In-House Lawyers: A Compliance Guide (2nd edition)

Tracey Calvert, Bronwell Still

£75, Law Society


The second edition of this book was published earlier this year in order to describe the changes introduced by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the Standards and Regulations which came into force in November 2019.  

Traditionally, solicitors employed in-house were restricted to acting for their employer or other individuals and entities closely associated with them, but the new provisions have involved the repeal of the SRA Framework Rules and the removal of many of those restrictions. The consequences of this change are significant. A new breed of in-house lawyer will be able to offer legal services to the public, provided that those services do not include reserved legal activities.

As the authors of this new edition explain, this will open up the legal services market and provide new opportunities for in-house practice. There will be increased risks also, which will have to be recognised and navigated. That is why this edition is so valuable. The authors are both very well-known compliance lawyers who have held senior positions in the SRA or the Law Society, and who can boast between them a wealth of experience in the field.

As is to be expected from such distinguished sources, the book is comprehensive. It sets out the entire statutory and regulatory framework, and describes the new regulatory freedoms and the different types of in-house practice that have grown up over the years.

As well as being comprehensive, the book is accessible, with flow charts and tables to assist the reader. The book is to be welcomed without reservation, and will prove an essential resource for in-house lawyers.

Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, 39 Essex Chambers, London