The Ambrosia Project: A Burton and Lamb Case


Abi Silver


£9.99, Lightning Books

Abi Silver consistently comes up with topical themes for courtroom thrillers, including gaming, celebrity, self-driving cars and now food. A leading figure in the business world of food collapses and dies at a public event. Was the tragedy a heart attack, caused by food poisoning, or the result of an allergy? What role did his scary PA have in it? The whole episode is captured on camera. His seafood allergy is blamed and the event caterer is charged with manslaughter.

The Ambrosia Project- A Burton and Lamb Case

As one can see from television and other media, we are obsessed with what we eat and what we should avoid. This thriller contains a number of suspicious characters with different motives including a food blogger, a television cook, a farmer, a vegan, a scientist interested in insects and someone who only wants us to eat meat.  

It features solicitor and barrister duo Judith Burton and Constance Lamb who are retained by the defence. The story moves quickly to a court trial with a great judge who is wary of putting a foot wrong.

The book has an authenticity that lawyers will appreciate. It is enjoyable to get your teeth into, so to speak! And it covers how we deal with food fads and the deadly serious issue of allergies.



David Pickup is a partner at Pickup & Scott Solicitors, Aylesbury