The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change

Heinan Landa


Optimal Networks Books


This book will appeal to both frazzled managing partners (who will want others to read it) and ambitious young lawyers (who will want to read it themselves). Covid-19 has turned every legal practice effectively into a start-up. The likelihood of a law firm surviving largely depends on its ability to adapt to the new circumstances. This book deals with the Holy Grail of how to get more clients in a world where 85% of lawyers are not comfortable with either ‘practice development’ and ‘networking’. It argues that, in order to thrive, a law firm must offer exceptional customer service. It suggests that such outstanding client service can be provided through (1) responsiveness, (2) expertise, (3) results and (4) innovation. Landa says that this can best be achieved using technology as the primary vehicle and it provides a series of templates to check a firm’s progress.

Interestingly the author recommends a couple of helpful software programs called Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Given that this book was written pre-Covid, the author is clearly a man ahead of his time.

Jeremy Holt is the former senior partner of Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors, Swindon, and the co-author of A Practical Guide to IT Law