• Action Medical Research

    Action Medical Research

    HorshamUnited Kingdom

    Action Medical Research is a UK-wide charity funding vital research to help sick and disabled babies and children. Since 1952 we have contributed to some of the most significant medical breakthroughs in recent history beginning with the polio vaccine which has eradicated new cases of the disease in the UK.

  • British Red Cross

    British Red Cross

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The Red Cross has been helping people in crisis for over 150 years, whoever and wherever they are. Our 19,600 volunteers in the UK are part of a global network of over 17 million volunteers, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies.

  • Cavell Nurses Trust

    Cavell Nurses Trust

    RedditchUnited Kingdom

    Cavell Nurses' Trust was founded in 1917 in memory of Edith Cavell, a nurse celebrated for her work in developing the nursing profession and her work in Belgium during World War I. She cared for wounded soldiers irrespective of nationality and was arrested after helping some 200 Allied soldiers escape into Holland. Edith was subsequently court-martialled, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death.

  • Great North Air Ambulance Service

    Great North Air Ambulance Service

    Stockton on TeesUnited Kingdom

    Swooping in from the skies, the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) fulfils community-powered emergency care across the North-East, North Yorkshire and Cumbria. Operating three helicopters, 365 days a year, GNAAS crews respond to around 1,000 call outs each year. Onboard each aircraft are specialist trauma doctors and paramedics, who bring accident and emergency expertise to the scene.

  • Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air  Ambulance Charitable Trust, The

    Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, The

    LincolnUnited Kingdom

    The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance provides a rapid response emergency helicopter, that is fully equipped to attend medical emergencies and covers a total of 3,000 square miles. We are available to be called on to assist at the scene of an accident, providing medical treatment together with rapid transportation for those who might not otherwise survive their injuries.

  • Queen’s Nursing Institute, The

    Queen’s Nursing Institute, The

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The Queen’s Nursing Institute is dedicated to supporting nursing care for people at home and in the community. Founded in 1887, we have supported generations of district and community nurses, setting standards, delivering training, influencing policy and supporting innovation in nursing practice.

  • The Air Ambulance Service

    The Air Ambulance Service

    RugbyUnited Kingdom

    Our local air ambulances; Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance fly every day of the year, helping to save more lives. Our critical care paramedics, doctors and pilots fly an average of six missions a day, over an area of 3,850 square miles and a population of over 3.2million.

  • The Children’s Air Ambulance

    The Children’s Air Ambulance

    RugbyUnited Kingdom

    The Children’s Air Ambulance is a national service, changing the face of paediatric care through the high speed transfer of critically ill children and flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care. It is the first and only dedicated paediatric helicopter emergency transfer service in the country.

  • Wessex Medical Research

    Wessex Medical Research

    SouthamptonUnited Kingdom

    Wessex Medical Research funds medical research based principally at the Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust but also in the greater Wessex region comprising Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Dorset, South Wiltshire and the Channel Islands. Current areas of research activity include breast, cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer, leukaemia, melanoma, strokes, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, childhood disorders including child brain injury and developmental studies during pregnancy.