• Victimsignage

    Sexual harassment: You too?

    27 November 2017

    Sexual harassment in the legal profession is ‘rife’ – with the City of London providing some of the worst examples, Eduardo Reyes hears

  • Us federal reserve

    Private equity: Many happy returns?

    27 November 2017

    Ten years after the financial crisis erupted, private equity has rediscovered some of its old swagger. Legal advisers have not been slow to capitalise, reports Marialuisa Taddia

  • Swati paul 15

    Swati Paul: Ground control

    27 November 2017

    The in-house solicitor of the year tells Jonathan Rayner how she built a ‘novel legal structure’ that benefits all airlines

  • Toronto

    Canada: Trading places

    20 November 2017

    Buffeted by foreign incomers and embroiled in a trade stand-off with the US, Canadian law firms are seeking to broaden their horizons.

  • Legal geek vestbirk

    Technology: Riding the hype-cycle

    13 November 2017

    Tech start-ups have peaked, we are told – not so in the law.

  • G20 summit

    EU Financial Regulation: Money troubles

    13 November 2017

    Since the 2008 crash, restoring stability to Europe’s financial services industry has taken precedence over creating a single market. That has meant a fee bonanza for compliance advisers.

  • Sdtsignnew

    SDT: ​Lesley Dee Layton

    30 October 2017

    Layton was struck off and ordered to pay costs of £13,920.

  • Avocado on toast

    Avocado and toast on the menu

    23 October 2017

    The buzz around new combinations of familiar products can drive revenue and help law firms and clients work smarter.

  • Grenfell protest

    Out of the loop

    23 October 2017

    Access to justice has become inversely proportional to the need for representation. How realistic is it to hope for meaningful reform?

  • High court

    Electric reams

    16 October 2017

    Litigators remain reluctant to move away from standard disclosure, despite Jackson LJ’s best efforts. Could technology be a panacea in the battle to control costs?