The Law Society is to launch a high-profile campaign, ‘Sound off for justice’, this week – aimed at harnessing public opposition to legal aid cuts.

The initiative will seek to raise awareness of what the cuts could mean for members of the public, in advance of the 14 February deadline for responses to the government’s legal aid green paper, which will slash £350m from the legal aid budget.

A specially designed website for the campaign will go live today, with a wider launch on Friday.

Members of the public will be invited to ‘sound off’ by signing up to the campaign via the website.

The site will warn that ‘over 30 million British people are about to be silenced by the government’ by losing their right to legal representation, and will say, ‘don’t be silenced in court’.

The website will ask members of the public to sign up to the Law Society’s manifesto by agreeing with three fundamental statements: that there is a right to legal representation; that no one should be denied legal protection because they cannot afford it; and that everyone should be able to challenge unfair decisions by government, businesses, institutions and anyone else.

The site will also give case study examples of people who would be adversely affected by the legal aid cuts.

A Law Society spokeswoman said the Society aimed to achieve maximum press coverage for the campaign.