Without doubt the silliest event we learned of this month was Nottinghamshire Law Society’s ‘buzzathon’; a 24-hour drive round and round a circuit in a teeny tiny van called an Ape (pronounced ‘Appey’, apparently). President Stephen Warner and vice-president Deborah Hutchinson took it in turns to drive the little vehicle, which is operated by scooter controls and more suitable for a family of Smurfs. The dedicated pair covered 381.2 miles, admittedly the same miles again and again, and some of it was pretty tough going. Warner said: ‘The night shift was the worst for both of us – rain, needing to keep the windows open to stop the windscreen misting up, and an unlit track made the whole thing slightly less than pleasurable.’

What’s more, both drivers found some unexpected obstacles in their path. In the early hours of the morning, Warner rounded a bend to find some geese escorting nine little goslings across the track. He was relieved to find that the brakes were in full working order. Then Hutchinson had to swerve violently to avoid a small dog. Perhaps it thought the Ape was its mummy.

Some 24 long hours later, the two made it past the chequered flag. They raised about £10,000 for charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, the Alzheimer’s Society and the Railway Children – not such a small feat after all.