Registered Charity No: 1118277 (England & Wales).

At International Animal Rescue we do exactly what our name says - we save animals from suffering around the world and protect their precious habitats.

Our work includes rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans that have been kept as pets or left stranded after their forest home has been destroyed. Our teams in Indonesia also rescue slow lorises and macaque monkeys from the illegal pet trade.

We provide a permanent home for animals that can no longer fend for themselves and a second chance of freedom for those that can.

In 2009 we made animal welfare history by rescuing all the dancing bears off the streets of India.

Today we are also cutting free and caring for caged bears in Armenia.

We cannot continue our vital work without your help. Please become a regular supporter to help us save the lives of more suffering animals or pledge a legacy to help keep them safe from cruelty and neglect for years to come. Thank you.