Registered Charity No: 1106735 (England & Wales).

Please support our charity so we can help the two million people in the UK at risk of chronic kidney disease or the 60,000 patients whose kidneys have already failed completely.

What does the NKF (National kidney Federation) do?

Patient Support

  • The NKF runs the National Kidney Patients Helpline - 0845 601 02 09 with trained staff answering nearly 200 (free of charge to the caller) enquiries each week offering help and advice
  • The NKF creates and distributes more than 200 medical information leaflets specifically for kidney patients and distributes hundreds of thousands of them throughout the UK
  • For the more serious or complex cases the NKF employs eight advocacy Officers covering Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England to help patients, and assist renal organisations with their struggles against unhelpful decisions - and promote the renal patient’s needs
  • The NKF provides a website -
  • Once a year the NKF holds a three day national conference at which 400 patients gather to update their knowledge and exchange views
  • The NKF posts the magazine Kidney Life to 25000 kidney patients to keep them informed. The magazine is quarterly and eagerly awaited by all our patients and their carers.


  • The NKF works tirelessly to persuade Government, the Department of Health, NHS Blood and Transplant, and the NHS to provide better treatment and service for the 60,000 kidney patients suffering end stage renal failure, and the two million people identified as having early stage chronic kidney disease.