Registered Charity No: 307892 (England & Wales).

No child in the UK should grow up to be poor or lonely just because they are blind. Currently, parents find it hard to cope with the challenges of raising a child with sight loss. Blind children experience delayed development in communication, movement and exploration. They have limited social encounters and experience isolation as teenagers. Blind children have reduced chances to develop socially which impacts them at school and at work. RSBC believe in a better life for blind children and their families.

Thousands of blind children need expert support to learn how to flourish in a sighted world. Without it their journey to independence will be long, hard and often unfulfilled. For nearly two centuries RSBC has been supporting blind and partially sighted children, young people, and their families. We are there for them from the moment they are told the news, guiding them on their journey through sight loss.

Your help will ensure children and their families get the practical and emotional support they need from RSBC. A gift in your Will would mean that, together, we can enable future generations of blind children to truly live beyond their sight loss.

If you would like more information about supporting the work of the RSBC in this way, please contact our Legacy Manager, Stuart Geach, by calling 020 3198 0225, emailing or visiting