Registered Charity No: 219099 (England & Wales).

Your love for animals can live on, even after you’re gone.

As you’re in the ‘animals’ section of this directory, we’re making the assumption that you have a soft spot for them, just like we do.

Back in 1824, we vowed never to tolerate abuse of any animals. And thanks to kind donations, year after year, we’re continuing to keep that promise. However, without gifts in Wills, we wouldn’t be able to. They make up over 50 percent of the funds we receive – so they’re hugely important.

Gifts in Wills help us to respond to animals in need – our cruelty and advice line receives a call every 30 seconds, on average, and we rescue tens of thousands of animals from cruelty, neglect or injury every year.  And it doesn’t stop there, with rehabilitation and rehoming being a core part of what we do too.

Leaving us a gift in your Will means you’d be leaving behind a wonderful legacy. You’d be helping to make sure we’re always there for all animals.

So if you’re thinking which animal charity you’d like to leave a gift in your Will to, please pick the RSPCA – your love for animals will live on.

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