Registered Charity No: 1128683 (England & Wales).

Urological cancers and diseases are becoming more prevalent and at least one in two of us will be affected at some point in our lives. Cancers of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs account for one quarter of all cancers in men and women with 177 people diagnosed every day. Urinary incontinence affects about six million people in the UK, many of whom are unable to participate fully in normal, daily life as a result. The impact of these cancers and chronic conditions can have a devastating effect on the lives of millions of people.

Our mission is to increase survival and quality of life for urology patients and, one day, to cure all urology diseases.

The Urology Foundation is the only UK-wide charity that funds research and training into all aspects of urological disease. Led by top urologists, we have a track record in improving treatment and care and are committed to finding better diagnoses, treatments and cures so that people affected receive the best possible care.

We aim to succeed in our mission against urology disease through cutting-edge research and specialist training. Gifts in wills are vital to continue this important work, to improve treatment and care services for people today, and to search for a cure for tomorrow.

By leaving a TUF Legacy you could help change the future of urology and provide hope for all those who are suffering with these diseases. Thank you.