Survey raises interesting question about the importance of workplace benefits.

Lawyers, it seems, are a lucky bunch. According to a survey published this week, lawyers are more likely than other white-collar types to receive workplace perks.

But when it comes to those perks, you would rather have more cash instead of other incentives.

The survey raises interesting questions about what value perks add to the workplace. According to the findings, free food, trips and vouchers, early finishes and gym membership are highly desired.

But does the fact lawyers are willing to forgo these for a pay rise mean employers are wasting their money trying to keep their staff happy?

No. Some perks, notably absent from the list of highly sought-after goodies, are essential to a happy and productive workforce.

The biggest one, I would argue, is flexible working. Firms unable to offer a degree of flexible working will struggle to recruit and retain the best talent.

And how many lawyers would prefer cash instead of the ability and understanding to, for example, leave the office unexpectedly due to a childcare emergency?

‘Money, every time,’ responded one of my colleagues when asked if they would choose perks or money.

For those lawyers lucky enough to receive workplace perks, what are your favourite? And would you trade them in for a slightly bigger pay packet?

Monidipa Fouzder is a Gazette reporter