The Ministry of Justice will have to find a further £249m of savings this year, as part of a fresh round of spending reductions following Whitehall’s in-year budget review announced today. 

Michael Gove’s department was revealed as among those facing the deepest cuts after the chancellor, George Osborne, pledged to find a further £3bn of financial savings this year, equivalent to around 3% of unprotected department spending. 

The savings will mean a reduction of 4% from the MoJ’s overall budget of £6.4bn planned for this year.

This follows a £500m reduction from the MoJ’s 2014/15 budget of £7.1bn.

The MoJ said that 'cuts to legal aid or access to justice does not form part of this package'.

It plans to save £105m by 'reprofiling certain capital projects', while a further £144m will be saved from renegotiating contracts, reducing travel and overtime and restricting the use of consultants and agency staff, as well as through other efficiency measures.

A spokesman at the MoJ said: ‘The department is committed to playing its part in the government’s deficit reduction plans and delivering significant savings for the taxpayer.

‘Following the chancellor’s request to find additional in-year savings, we have put together a package that will enable us to drive underspends and efficiencies across the department, including savings from commercial contract negotiations.’

The biggest losers in the 2015/16 budget review are defence (£500m), education (£450m) and transport, business, innovation and skills (£400m).