Who? Karen Todner, head of crime, regulatory and extradition at Kaim Todner Solicitors in London.

Why is she in the news? Represents Lauri Love, who is the subject of an extradition request from the US. He is accused of hacking into various US government agencies, which he denies. Love is on the autistic spectrum and has various physical ailments, which a court has been told would lead him to be a definite suicide risk were he to be extradited to the US.

Dealing with the media: ‘This case is clearly very similar to the Gary McKinnon case which I worked on for 10 years and attracted a lot of media attention. Lauri’s case has also been highlighted in the media. My policy is always to cooperate with the media as they have been very supportive. For example, the Daily Mail campaign in relation to McKinnon was extremely helpful.’

Why become a lawyer: ‘I look back over the many cases that I have dealt with for the last 25 years and I know that I have made a difference to many people’s lives – and I take great satisfaction from that. I would say become a criminal lawyer if you want to make a difference.’

Career high: ‘Undoubtedly receiving the letter from the home secretary advising that she was going to prevent the extradition of Gary McKinnon. I had worked on the case for 10 years and the relief and joy was overwhelming. I could not stop crying for about a week.’

Career low: ‘15 October 2015 – known as Black Thursday to me! Being advised that Kaim Todner was not awarded any two-tier contracts from the Legal Aid Agency. I led the judicial review against those decisions and thankfully the whole system was abandoned in January 2016. But Black Thursday was a really bad day.’