The Law Society is to launch a £250,000 advertising campaign to promote high street solicitors next week.

The latest campaign, which takes a Beatles theme with the strapline ‘Help, I need somebody’, will be featured in the print media and on posters in more than 200 stations, with 100 million ‘opportunities to view’.

The adverts will promote the use of qualified solicitors for work including wills, divorce, mediation and conveyancing, and will run across England and Wales, with some adverts in Welsh.

As well as the posters, which will be freely available to solicitors, the Law Society press office is also offering template press releases and advice on how to ‘piggy back’ on the campaign. The Law Society’s website also features a number of customer guides which solicitors can download and give to prospective clients.

Law Society chief executive Des Hudson said: ‘There will be a £300,000 commercial outlay. We are building a brand in the consumer market, and you have to do that on a consistent basis.

‘When there is a choice between a solicitor, who is trained and regulated, rather than, for example, an unregulated will writer, we need to show where the value lies.’

The campaign will run from 21 September to 30 October and has been timed to coincide with the digital release of the Beatles’ albums in a bid to gain maximum publicity. The Law Society’s last campaign ran for two months from April 2008.

The Law Society press office can be contacted at