A City solicitor who brought proceedings against her former firm alleging unfair dismissal and discrimination has withdrawn her complaint.

The lawyer, who was with international firm Ince & Co for more than 11 years, made a claim alleging unfair dismissal, pregnancy-related discrimination, sex discrimination, part-time worker discrimination and disability discrimination after leaving the firm in 2018.

Ince went into administration shortly afterwards and was subsequently partly bought by listed firm Gordon Dadds LLP (now known as Ince Gordon Dadds). Ince Gordon Dadds, along with seven other companies and individuals, were named as respondents in the claim.

However, all claims against all respondents have now been dismissed upon a withdrawal by the claimant, according to a judgment published this week by the employment tribunal.

It is unclear whether the solicitor gave up on her complaint or whether an out of court settlement was reached.

Ince Gordon Dadds declined to comment.