The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has committed to an annual review of prosecution fees for the first time, having struck a deal with the criminal bar earlier this year.

In her weekly message to members, chair of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) Caroline Goodwin QC said: ‘I am delighted to report to you that the CPS [has] committed to an annual review of fees.

‘We have never had anything like this or approaching this before. It is very much to the credit of all around the table that this has been achieved, particularly when we look at the parlous state that the government is in.’

Speaking to the Gazette, the CBA added: ‘The bar is involved in ongoing discussion with the CPS as to the exact shape of the review but we have a commitment to a continuation of the fee review in 2020 ahead of the spending review.’

In June, the CPS and the Ministry of Justice struck a deal with the CBA on higher pay. On prosecution fees, the CPS agreed to increase all fixed fees to the level of the Advocates’ Graduated Fees Scheme from this month. It also agreed that all refreshers will be paid from the second day of trial, rather than the third day.

More details about the CPS review will be released next month.