As the deadline for renewing practising certificates looms, the Law Society has sought to reassure solicitors amid reports of more IT glitches.

The SRA, which is running PC renewals on a new IT system, extended the deadline to 20 November following ‘teething problems’.

The Gazette understands that some solicitors are still struggling to submit their applications on the new system. Bulk renewals appear to be a particular problem. (One Gazette reader renewed last month but is unsure whether the regulator knows that they have after receiving a reminder email and checking their SRA account.)

Today, a spokesperson for the SRA said: ‘We know some firms have had difficulties, which is why we extended the deadline. We have been in touch with those firms that told us they have had an issue submitting their bulk renewal form or completing their payment. This support continues. We also wrote to organisations and individuals last week to remind them to renew and said the form was available.’

The SRA confirmed the deadline will not be extended further. 'We continue to provide dedicated support for any firms or individuals that are experiencing difficulties,' the spokesperson said.

The Law Society said members received a reminder email yesterday about the revised deadline. ‘We’ve subsequently followed up to clarify that if members or firms have already submitted a renewal application no further action is required. We hope this clarifies matters,’ a spokesperson said.