The final episode of US sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm, which aired on Monday in the UK, left Obiter howling with laughter. Even better, the plot gives us an excuse to feature the show’s creator and star, Larry David, as much of the finale played out in a courtroom.

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David's enthusiasm has, at last, been curbed

For those unfamiliar with the series, David (who co-created another hit US sitcom, Seinfeld) stars as an over-the-top version of himself, a writer and producer.

At the start of the 12th and final series, David was arrested for falling foul of the Election Integrity Act of 2021. His offence? Giving his housemate’s aunt a bottle of water on a very hot day while she was queueing to vote. In the final episode, David’s trial began.

No spoilers here, but a few highlights: actor Ted Danson (boyfriend of David’s ex-wife in the show) protesting outside the court (Danson: ‘They’re stealing votes’. David: ‘You’re stealing the spotlight.’)The jury distracted by David killing a fly while his lawyer delivers a powerful opening submission. And the jury entering the courtroom with the verdict, which is handed to the judge before it is handed back to the lead juror to read out. ‘I don’t understand, why does the judge have to peek at it?’ a confused David asks. What a good question.