Obiter has begun making space in our wardrobe to store a rather impressive collection of handbags, clothes and jewellery said to belong to ‘one of the best known figures in the legal industry’, which are being auctioned this month.

Chiswick Auctions, which is hosting the sale of the private collection on 15 June, would not reveal the legal figure’s identity, but described the mystery female lawyer as an ‘avid fashionista’.

Any guesses?

All Obiter knows is that the mystery lawyer is no longer alive. The items, which include several pieces by Chanel and Christian Dior, were put up for auction by the beneficiaries of her estate. We have our eye on a Chanel ‘patent maxi flap’ bag (pictured). Not that the estimated price of between £1,200 and £1,800 will leave any actual cash to put in it.