Rockers from Taylor Vinters and Howard Kennedy take a break from IBA conference to set alight the Eternal City.

Italy’s popular musicians have a pretty modest profile over here. In Obiter’s youth, exotics such as Marlene Kuntz, Necrodeath and Opera 1X struggled to be heard on our Pye Music Centre.

It seems we are doing the bel paese a disservice, however. When Law Rocks staged its first-ever gladiatorial contest in the Eternal City during the IBA conference, BonelliErede’s Without Prejudice delivered a stellar debut set. Some smitten fans even urged the Italian firm’s band to go professional.

Unusually for a Law Rocks event, there were joint winners of the contest. Taylor Vinters’ Dirty Rumour (pictured) and Howard Kennedy’s Take It To The Bridge treated the audience to a joint encore in celebration.

Old-timer Obiter’s highly germane requests – On an Evening in Roma (Dean Martin) and Autumn in Rome (Peggy Lee) – were not heard, alas. Too mellow no doubt. Law Rocks vows to return to the IBA next year, when it’s All About Seoul (Billy Joel).