Our competition to guess the identity of a velvet-jacketed blonde pictured at a Lib Dem event in the mid 1990s set the wires buzzing.

But nearly everyone got it wrong: the back in question did not belong to Theresa May. More adventurous wrong guesses included Shirley Williams and Margaret Thatcher, Harriet Harman and Lib Dem former MP Lynne Featherstone. Only one reader crossed the gender divide, suggesting the Lib Dems’ current leader, Tim Farron. Natasha Cosby of Farthingstone, Northamptonshire, was nearly there with Amber Rudd.

But the first correct reply was from Adrian Brodkin of London. He correctly identified the one-time centre-left politico as The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, lord chancellor. A bottle of something fizzy is on its way.