Legal office pets are not all hard workers. Maria Calvy, solicitor from Chelmsford, Essex, sent us a snap of a dozing office administrator, Monty the schnauzer. ‘He does find all his “pro bonio” work very tiring sometimes!’ However, there is clearly no messing with office dog Red, in charge of shredding and security at regional firm Woodfines.

He’s pictured with his owner, partner John Egan. ‘He’s the one on the right,’ Egan says.

At south-west London private client firm Randall & Phillips, Mabel, a two-year-old wire-haired dachshund, has been doing her bit for client relations: ‘Her presence in our high street shop front often draws a crowd during the school run.’ Also on the firm’s payroll is Pepe the parrot, who alas has to work from home – ‘too many dogs in the office’.

No such problems for Ziggy the cockatiel, who helps out at Kazbard Law Consultancy, Northampton, after being rescued from a puddle. According to proprietor Karen Shakespeare, Ziggy’s duties include sitting on shoulders and chirping at clients down the phone.

‘She seems to think that the louder she chirps, the more likely people are to understand her.’

Obiter has colleagues like that.